Programmatic advertising on a whole new level.



We believe that every brand, every operation deserves a thoughtful, personalized, unique strategy.

We will identify who you are and determine where you want to go.

We are trained to offer you tailor-made, agnostic, creative activations.

And to manage them in a competitive, dynamic and complex environment.


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  • Integrated trading desk
  • Agnostic media buying
  • Innovation
  • Transparency
  • Brand safety
  • 80% visibility


Charles Honvault tells you more


The TV-to-digital system allows smaller brands that cannot afford to buy a TV spot to reach TV intentionalist viewers through the web ecosystem, at an optimized cost.

Charles Honvault – Programmatic Team Leader


We ran several campaigns, all of which shared a short turnaround time and high expectations. In response, Orixa’s teams have been responsive and available, from the strategic proposal to the execution of the plan, allowing us to meet our objectives.

Pierre Chardavoine,

Marketing Lead eBay France


90% whitelisted setting

Guaranteeing maximum exposure in the most affinities with the target.


100% scripting

Allowing to engage audiences while multiplying by 3 the interaction rates through data-driven strategies.


Mobile broadcasting

With overpressures on this terminal outside working hours in order to accompany users in their best media availability.